Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Sea Search for Natalee Holloway Continues On

Check out this short animation of the water coverage area
in the sea search for Natalee Holloway. The search started in mid
December 2007, is still currently active.

See a short 3D Fly through of
NW Aruba and the offshore
bathymetry here:

Justice for Natalee!


Anonymous said...

This guy is going to blogging a dutch TV news interview with witnesses of Joran's confession live in 20 minutes

Anonymous said...

Talked to Cubee this evening. there was a candle light vigil for KK this evenign at the plave where her body was found :(
Dannete had to relive the nightmare all over again. prayers for Dannette.. Here is a link Cubbee posted at SN to light a virtual candle online.