Friday, August 24, 2007


Soooo, it looks like an unknown abductor along! The PLE KNEW these crucial facts and still pointed the finger at anyone British with NO EVIDENCE that anyone the McCanns knew were even involved.

This should be a wake up call for the Trolls tormenting the McCanns.

In my opinion, there is no way that the McCanns or their friends could remain silent and not cracked after over 100 days of intense scrutiny.

Last updated at 10:11am on 24th August 2007

The full details of what happened on the night Madeleine McCann went missing are revealed today.

An investigation has pieced together the events on the night the four-year-old vanished from the family's apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal almost four months ago.

It shows that the abductor is most likely to have struck between 9.05pm and 9.15pm. But her disappearance could not have been discovered until 10pm, because her family and friends did not enter the bedroom where she was sleeping until that time.

Gerry McCann checked on his daughter at 9.05pm and then neither he nor his wife Kate checked on their children again until 10pm when they discovered Madeleine was missing.

Although the McCanns always monitored their children every 30 minutes, the night Madeleine vanished a friend of the family Matthew Oldfield offered to check for them at 9.30pm.

But instead of entering the bedroom, it is understood he listened at the door, heard nothing and assumed everything was fine. In fact, Madeleine had almost certainly been snatched by then.

Fifteen minutes earlier, at 9.15pm, a friend of the McCanns, Jane Tanner, who had gone to check on her children, saw a man walking away from the Ocean Club resort carrying a small child. Ms Tanner later described the pyjamas the girl was wearing - matching the description of those worn by Madeleine on the night.

Mr Oldfield's failure to check inside the bedroom may have cost vital time in the search for the little girl.

The Mail's sister newspaper, the Evening Standard, has spoken to a series of sources close to the McCanns and their friends who have revealed details of the events on the night.

They have also revealed that the McCanns have been frustrated over not being allowed to speak publicly about the events on the night - because of Portuguese rules preventing witnesses talking about a criminal case.

But they have also expressed surprise that so much information has leaked out, apparently through the Portuguese police.

They are adamant Madeleine was abducted and are angered by vicious smears - published by the Portuguese media - that the McCanns and their friends are somehow complicit in her disappearance.

One source says he believes Madeleine was taken between 9.05pm and 9.15pm and that the patio windows at the rear of the apartment had been shut but unlocked on the night so the McCanns could check on their children more easily.

He said: "It could not be anything other than abduction. There is no doubt in anybody's mind that the girl Jane Turner saw being carried away was Madeleine."

Almost four months after Madeleine vanished police in Portugal appear to have little idea what happened.

A series of leaks claim Madeleine died in the apartment and that she may have been murdered or killed by accident, with the friends of the McCanns somehow implicated.

But the source is adamant that none of the dining companions was away from the table at the tapas bar long enough not only to kill the little girl but then to dump the body.

The source said: "If it was one of the friends then it would have to be all of them to ensure a cover up. That's just plain nonsense."


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