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-Every now and then Carpe Noctem, Grande and myself have the opportunity to help someone that needs the help. Sometimes through research, raising awareness, or just sending an email so that they know we are thinking about them and are in their corner.

Jessie Foster needs all of our help. She really does. Please take a few minutes to read this heart wrenching post from Jessie's Mom - Glendene Grant.

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My name is Glendene Grant and I have a story to tell. My 2nd oldest daughter (I have 4 girls), Jessica Edith Louise Foster, was born in Calgary, AB Canada on May 27th, 1984, moved to Las Vegas May 13th, 2005 (to visit a friend & stay for her 21st birthday coming up in 2 weeks), and went missing from her home on March 29th, 2006. What do you think happened? You tell me…

It starts with a short version of Jessie life up to her disappearance. So you all know, I have always felt that Jessie is alive, my heartstrings connecting me to my children is just as strong to Jessie (now 23) as it is to my other 3 daughters, Crystal (25 next month), Katie (21 next month) & Jennee (18 in February). I want everyone to see were Jessie came from so you can fully understand how such a wonderful person, such a beautiful woman can fall victim to this terrible crime. You all must be wondering this, I know I have been asked that question many times in the past 19 months and 3 days since we last heard from my girl.

Jessie’s dad, Dwight Foster and I had our 1st daughter Crystal (born in Kamloops, BC Canada) after we were together for about 3½ years. It was such a wonderful event; she was a wonderful baby. When Crystal was 8 months old I got pregnant again with Jessie. She was born in Calgary, AB. Dwight & I separated when Jessie was 1½ months old & Crystal was 1½ years old. Dwight has always been close with his girls and they spent as much time as possible with him. Dwight has been with his wife, Tracy Foulds since just before Jessie’s 1st birthday and with her 2 daughters, Jodie & Alisha, the girls fit in wonderfully with their dad’s family. They went camping a lot with their dad. They have always loved to be in the outdoors with their dad, fishing & having as much fun as possible. Sitting around the campfires in the evenings, playing games & singing to Dwight’s guitar playing. He is a fantastic musician, something he only does for fun with family and friends.

I had my 3rd daughter, Katie when Jessie was 2½ years old. I was a single mom, so when Jessie was 3 years old, my parents offered to buy a house in my hometown of Kamloops, BC for me and the girls to live in. I was thrilled at the thought of raising my daughters in Kamloops, as it is a wonderful smaller city (or bigger town, depending on how you look at it). We moved here when I was going on 10 years old and it was the best thing to happen to me up to that time. We moved into our home at 834 Dominion Street on June 29th, 1987 – now over 20 years ago, we are still living here. Jessie was raised in the same home, went to the same elementary & high schools that I did & we lived only about 2 blocks from my parents’ home, where I was raised. It was a wonderful place to raise my girls. I met Jessie’s stepdad, Jim almost as soon as we moved to Kamloops & we have been together ever since, having Jessie’s youngest sister, Jennee on February 27th, 1990.

We have never been a family of many means. By that, I mean Jim & I have always been a 2-income family. We both have always had to work in order to support our big family. We never had much extra money. We never took the kids to Disney World or Land, or anywhere exotic. We would take them to Playland at the PNE in Vancouver, BC & they always went to Bible Camp every year. The girls loved going to camp. They originally went to Camp Chimo through our local YM-YWCA, where the girls all took swimming lessons for years. Then they started to go to Camp Grafton, another camp at a different lake. The younger 2 girls also went to Clearwater Bible Camp years later.

Jessie has always been a very popular girl. Right from early on in grade school right though to graduation & beyond. Jessie went to school with the same kids from kindergarten until grade 11, when at the beginning of that school year; she came to the decision that she wanted to go to Calgary to live with her dad & stepmom. She wanted to live with her dad while she was still a kid, as she never really had. So in the 2nd week of September in 2000 & started up grade 11 at John G. Diefenbaker High School not too far from her new home in Calgary. Jessie again, met & became friends with many young people at school & at the jobs she held there.

When she was in grade 11, something that had a big effect on her life happened. Jessie was struck by a car while walking to school one morning. She was crossing at a light, on a walk signal, & a driver who was turning right, somehow did not see her & hit her quite hard, sending her into the street & having to be taken to the hospital in an ambulance. Her leg was injured quite severely & over the next couple of years she had to go to physical therapy & also had to take medicine for the pain. This injury took Jessie out of school sports, something she had been very involved in since elementary school. This was hard on Jessie. The driver of the car was sued & several years later, Jessie got a settlement of over $24,000. She paid her lawyer & repaid her dad for many expenses & bought herself a wonderful little car. A green (my favorite colour & even shade) Cavalier – of course she got a 4-on-the-floor standard, she was a hot little driver. Not that it is something to brag about or anything like that, but one time Crystal told me that Jessie could talk on the phone & shift gears with her ‘left’ hand (not her right hand!). After she finished buying a new couch & a bed, she still had over $10,000 in the bank & decided that she was going to use that for her education, when she decided to go.

Jessie started working when she was very young (probably 9 years old) with a paper route. She took over her sister, Crystal’s route when she was quitting. Then she got her babysitting certificate when she was only 11 & started to baby sit a lot. Then when she was about 12 years old she got a more “real” job. She would sleep over at my friend, Vickie N’s home on the nights that she had to go to work at 5am. Vickie has a son, Shane who was too young to stay home alone & get himself off to school, so Jessie stayed over night, got up, got ready for high school & Shane got ready for elementary. They would then walk to school, usually stopping at home beforehand. She made over $100 a month, which was a lot of money for someone that age, back then. Jessie, her sister, Crystal & cousin, Wil G all got a job at the Calgary Stampede when Jessie was only 14 (you had to be 15, but they said she was). Jessie worked there every summer for the next 5 years. She worked in a Mexican Food stand but when she was 18, she got a job in the Grand Stands serving beverages. She got her sister, Katie a job there when Katie was also only 14, & Katie also worked there for many summers. In high school Jessie got her “Food Safe” certificate, which is something that is needed to work in the food industry in Canada. She got her 1st restaurant job at 15 years old. She got a job at a brand new place that opened up & worked there until she moved to Calgary when she was 16.

When Jessie was 15 she sent away for her passport, as she was invited by her friend Tomoko L & her family to go on a vacation with them to Mazatlan, Mexico. Jessie was always the kid who was invited to go with her friends on vacations or trips to keep the kids company. She was always so polite, well behaved & well liked that she was always welcome as part of the families of her friends.

Jessie always worked very hard. She usually had at least 2 jobs. Even when she was in high school, she worked at Blockbusters & Boston Pizza. When she graduated she got another job at Ticket Master, where she worked until the office in Calgary closed. She also worked at Applebee’s & at Jameson’s Irish Pub, where she met lots of people & was very well liked by her bosses & co-workers.

Jessie moved into her own apartment when she graduated from high school in 2002. She originally moved into an apartment with her sister, Crystal & 2 of her “bff’s” (as the young people know, that is Best Friends Forever), Sri W & Shauna H. As what sometimes happens to sisters living together & even young friends living together, this did not work out. Jessie moved out & her & Shauna got their own place together. After a time, Shauna moved back to Kamloops to go to College & Jessie stayed in the place alone. She loved it. Her sister, Katie & her “bff” Heather went to Calgary for a month in 2003 to work at the Calgary Stampede & they “lived” with Jessie. They loved it. It was a summer the young teenagers would never forget.

Then in the spring of 2005, Jessie put all of her belongings into a unit in Public Storage & came home to Kamloops. She wanted to help me…my youngest daughter, Jennee was 15 & going through a rough time. She really needed someone else there for her, & Jessie was it. As was Jessie’s usual work ethic, she got 2 jobs, one at Boston Pizza & one at an upper class (for lack of a better description) golf course, Rivershore Golf Club.

After a few of months, everything was going very well for Jennee & Jessie got a call from an old friend from Calgary that she knew since she was a teen, Donald Vaz. Donald wanted to know if Jessie wanted to go to Ft. Lauderdale, FL with him to visit his “mom” (the reason I did the quotes there, is because we since found out that his mom may actually live in Edmonton, AB). Jessie was 20 years old & had been working since she was 9. She had no real obligations except for her storage, cell phone & credit card bill & since she had over $10,000 & 2 paycheques in the bank, she thought…why not go on an all expense paid trip to the USA & the opposite end of the continent. It was something that even I thought she deserved, even though I was a bit skeptical, so was her dad. We both told her to remember that people did not always do things for no reason, & we warned her to be wary, but to have fun. So she took a week off her jobs & packed a suitcase & left. We saw some of the best pictures of this trip. They went on an ocean cruise. Jumped on a water trampoline, para-sailed…she was in her glory. You should see the smiles on her face.

When Jessie came home from Florida, Donald called again & asked if she wanted to go on another trip. This time he wanted to go to Manhattan, NY & Atlantic City, NJ. She again said yes, & fate took its grip. This trip eventually took Jessie to Las Vegas & Las Vegas…SIN CITY & its shady characters took her somewhere.

Jessie left for Manhattan & something happened while there. She called me & told me, she also called her dad & her sisters, but the stories were a bit different in each call:

MOM: Jessie told me that her & Donald had a fight in their hotel room because she said he lost all his money gambling & he wanted her to prostitute herself so he can get some money. She got mad at him & left the room. When she called me, she was in the lobby & I was very worried about her being in Manhattan by herself, & I did ask her if her got violent with her, because if he had, I wanted her to call the police. But Jessie told me he did not get violent & she also told me she was not afraid of Don. I told her then she needed to get back to the hotel room, & then she could take the plane home the next day, as planned. She was to go through Toronto, ON again. She called me later & said everything was fine & then she called me the next day to say she was going to come home but go via Las Vegas instead of Toronto. She said her 21st birthday was in 2 weeks & she wanted to go visit her friend, Yvonne (AKA: Angel) in Las Vegas & perhaps stay there for her birthday. A lot of Canadian young people like to go to Las Vegas for their 21st birthday. She told me she did NOT go to Atlantic City, NJ on this trip.

CRYSTAL, KATIE & JENNEE: She told Crystal pretty well the same thing she told me, except that she said they DID go to Atlantic City…the only difference between that my what she told me.

DAD: She told Dwight that her friend lost all his money gambling & that he wanted her to “turn a few tricks” to earn some money so they could get out of the USA & back to Canada. Jessie got mad and left the room, going to the hotel lobby and calling her dad (and as we all now know, she also called Crystal & me and who knows if she called anyone else). No one else heard this story other than Dwight, though it makes sense & fits completely into the story, once we heard the “complete” story about what happened to Jessie between May 13th, 2005 & March 29th, 2006. That is, as complete as we could get, since so much is still not known, we do not know if we will ever know the “complete” story about Jessie in Las Vegas, at least not until she comes home alive & tells us.

On May 13th, 2005 Jessie’s fate took a turn & instead of flying home through Toronto, ON Canada & then coming west, the decision was made for her to go to Las Vegas, NV first. We do not know if this was her idea or not. She told us it was, but as you will see, it does not look like Jessie made many choices for herself from this time on. Was she told us was she was going to go to Las Vegas to see her “friend” Yvonne Hubrechtsen, AKA: Angel. We had never heard of her before, but nothing had raised red flags enough for me to say something to Jessie. There were some feelings of unease, but I thought that was because my daughter was in another country & far enough away that I was not sure how I would get to her fast enough, if there were a need to. Jessie told me shortly after getting to Las Vegas that she was going to stay there for her upcoming 21st birthday, something she sounded very excited about.

Then Jessie called & told us her & Yvonne got in a car accident. They were following a city bus through an intersection, when a taxicab ran a red light & hit them. Jessie told us they were suing the driver, but she needed to stay down there longer so they could handle the legal end of this suit. In the meantime, Yvonne’s “boyfriend” (I only do the quotations when I am not positive of what I am stating. Such as, we do not know if he was her “boyfriend”, or “something else”), Richard Wolcott had a friend, Peter Todd who was introduced to Jessie.

They began to date & he began to spoil her like no one ever had before. Peter took Jessie out to the types of place where she would see Cameron Diaz & Justin Timberlake nearby or other equally as famous people. Jessie was thrilled & enthralled. I worked a very early shift & would get up at 3:00am. Many times the phone would ring 5 or 10 minutes after 3 & it would be Jessie. She was in the same time zone as me & knew I was just getting up. She would tell me the exciting things she was doing, places she went to & people she saw. She was my little Jessie, all excited. We always had this type love. We talked on the phone a lot. I loved our early morning chats so much, & I miss them immensely.

Jessie once told her sisters; “I told Peter one time that I was not attracted to him at first, but that he grew on me.” Crystal told me this after Jessie went missing & it sent a shiver down my spine. I thought, “He didn’t grow on her…he worked on her”.

It wasn’t long before Peter asked Jessie to move in with him. Well, he lived in a huge, brand new $750,000 house in a new area of North Las Vegas with a swimming pool in the back yard. I do not think it took much to convince her. Jessie was driving his expensive cars, wearing very nice clothing & really enjoying her young life in her beautiful new home.

Jessie was smitten with Peter; I believe she thought she really was in love. You can see in the pictures of the 2 of them, the love Jessie had for Peter. Sadly, it does not look reciprocated & that breaks my heart. Soon my phone calls from Jessie were in the middle of a fight with Peter. There would be yelling, even screaming, swearing, on both sides…from Peter & Jessie. I would talk to Jessie & try to convince her to leave Las Vegas & come home, at least to Canada, if not to Kamloops, BC or Calgary, AB. She had been thinking of moving to Toronto, ON where her friend Colleen B was living & attending university. Then Jessie would always put Peter on the phone to try to talk some sense into him, or whatever it is she thought I would be able to do. But what I always said to Peter was, “Please break up with Jessie, send her back home to me. She is so young (21) & you are older (39) & already married once & the father to a little boy”. Though this never happened, I did try to get her to leave or him to ask her to leave. I did not want her in love with a man that much older than her, especially when they fought so much.

Around mid-November (almost 2 years ago now), Jessie came home. She came to Kamloops 1st, she had a plan to visit everyone here, then take her stuff from here that she brought earlier in the year back to Calgary to put in her storage unit with her other belongings. Also, her car was parked in my backyard & it was still insured, so she could drive there.

She spent a week or so here, then packed up her car & drove to Calgary. She visited her dad, stepmom, stepsister Jodie & her then-fiancé Michael (they are now married) & all her friends. She celebrated her Christmas with there while she was there, because she knew she was not going to be back again before Christmas came. Then she came back to Kamloops in time for her sister Katie’s 19th birthday. That is a big year in BC as it is the legal age, meaning they could go out dancing in a nightclub.

Jessie stayed in Kamloops until Christmas morning when out of the blue, she announced that she would need a ride to the airport so she could catch the 3:00pm plane back to Peter in Las Vegas. This shocked, stunned & hurt us all. We were planning on having dinner at my dad’s house with Jessie there. Part of the shock is that we were starting to believe that Jessie may not even go back to Las Vegas, because during her several weeks in Kamloops, Calgary & back again in Kamloops, Jessie & Peter were on the phone pretty well constantly, but the thing is, they were always fighting. I mean, FIGHTING. They would be yelling & swearing at each other, mad over this thing or that. These calls went on even in the middle of the night & early into the morning. They happened while she was staying at her dad’s in Calgary, they happened here at home & at her sister Katie’s condo. She would be at the restaurant for Katie & Heather’s birthday dinner on the phone, having an argument with Peter. It was very scary for us to imagine why she would even bother to take his calls.

It was not a good thing when we dropped her off at the Kamloops airport; with about 4 hours notice on Christmas day. It was hard for us & very sad to remember that it was the last time we ever saw Jessie in person. Jessie later told Crystal that 2 hours after she got back “home”, or should I say, “to Peter’s house”, her & Peter had a huge fight. This would have barely been past midnight on Christmas night, on Boxing Day morning. One this to mention now is, all Jessie’s life, Christmas was her favorite holiday. And it was not because of all the presents she got, even though that helped. It was because Jessie always took a great deal of time to plan, buy & wrap presents for everyone, & they were always the best gift you got that year. As a matter of fact, for my last Christmas present from Jessie, who she got her sisters together to purchase, was a brand new bed. She told me she was going to get me a pillow top cover for our bed, then decided to get the bed & surprised the heck out of me on Christmas eve after I got home from work.

We were in constant contact with Jessie from Christmas until she suddenly disappeared in March. She called someone pretty well daily, but if she did not phone, she would text message, email or get on her MSN chat & talk to everyone. I would be busy around the house & when I went to the computer, there would be a message from Jessie, “Hi Mom”. But by the time I answered her she would be gone again.

The important thing is, she contacted someone daily. And now I think I understand why. Even though no one in Canada, well, none of Jessie’s family & friends that we know of had NO idea of what was happening to Jessie Las Vegas…but Jessie knew. Jessie knew how close she & everyone was & she knew 2 things for sure, of this I am sure of:

1) Jessie did not want anyone to know what was happening to her, because I believe that she was protecting her family. It may have been her sisters she was protecting, it may have been me, I do not know who, but I do know what if someone threatened harm or anything to one of Jessie’s loved ones, she would have done anything she had to, to protect them. This is not something that I think she would do to protect herself, for some reason…to protect herself, I think she would have fought, but to protect her family & friends, she would have done whatever was asked of her.

2) Jessie knew that if the consistent contact between her & everyone stopped, it would have been noticed immediately, as it was. Jessie spoke to her sister, Crystal on March 28th, 2006, ending the call with, “I will talk to you tomorrow”, but the next day & from then on, we have never heard from Jessie again.

When Crystal was talking to Jessie on March 28th, they talked several times. They actually talked to each other many times that day on the phone plus they text messaged dozens of times back-and-forth most of the day. They talked about Crystal cancelling her planned trip to Las Vegas on April 23rd because her friend Vanessa M, who was going to go with her, had to cancel. Originally that did not stop her from wanting to still go. But after thinking about it and talking it over with Jessie, she decided to cancel her trip also, at least until Vanessa could go too. They also talked about Jessie coming home and the two of them driving in Jessie’s car to Calgary for their stepsister Jodie’s wedding reception on April 16th. We have proof that Jessie was planning on coming back to Kamloops for her car, because Jessie’s proof of insurance for 30 days came in the mail to my home, for the time frame from the end of March to the end of April 2006. She called her insurance agent in Calgary and paid for it with her credit card, and she mailed the proof so she would be able to drive with Crystal to Calgary. Jessie told us that when she got there, she was going to get the rest of her insurance, meaning (to me at least), that she was planning on staying at least past the end of April.

Crystal told me immediately that she could not reach Jessie on the 29th, then again on the 30th. Also on the 30th, Katie told me she had been trying to reach Jessie for a couple of days, and she was not returning her calls. That worried me instantly and I began phoning & emailing Jessie, to no avail. My messages started getting more and more frantic, and with my also trying to reach Peter and Yvonne, the only other 2 numbers I had for anyone in Las Vegas I just did not know what to do. My mind was getting carried away and I was thinking that something bad happened right away.

We had no way to contact Jessie’s dad or anyone on that side of the family, because they were all enjoying a vacation in Mexico where Jessie’s stepsister Jodie & Michael were getting married. There was a possibility that Jessie decided at the last minute to attend the ceremony, but we had no way to know.

Originally we were not too sure how worried to be; after all, nothing bad really ever happens to us, right? But we continued to try to call Jessie & I also tried to contact Peter & Yvonne, but I never got an answer on any of the calls. The days dragged on & on April 9th, I mentioned to a guy I work with that my daughter seems to be a missing person and he asked me, “They why are you here (at work)?” to which I honestly answered, “I do not know anything for sure, yet”. His words kick started me into getting to the bottom of it all (or so I was thinking – something I am still trying to do 19 months later).

I left work early that day, came home with something in mind. I was going to find out what is going on with Jessie. Even though I had called Peter & Yvonne several times already, with no answer and no return to my voice messages, I called again, 1st to Peter…call blocking my phone number so it would not show up on his call display. He finally answered the phone (strange? you decide). Another strange thing, the same thing happened when I call blocked my phone number and called Yvonne…she answered. Here is what was said during these calls:

Peter: When he answered, I can only suspect he as a bit surprised it was me, since I am positive he knew I was calling him about Jessie (after all, he has call display & voicemail). Right away I asked WHERE IS JESSIE? I told him we had not heard from her since March 28th and he knew that we kept in constant contact with her, because he was there many, many times when we talked to her on the phone. He was not really shocked, he seemed more disappointed that Jessie had not contacted me, as he said, “I always told Jessie to keep in touch with her mom, if she hasn’t that is not right”. Then he proceeded to tell me the first (of three) story about Jessie’s disappearance, or as he says, “Jessie leaving”.

1) Jessie called him early in the morning on Apr. 3rd, 2006 asking him to drop off & pickup her prescription at Wal-Greens. He said she had a dentist appointment to have a wisdom tooth extracted (something Jessie had told us was done March 24th). She came home with the medicine and then he went out. When he came home later, Jessie & everything she owned, except for her hairdryer & makeup was GONE. I told him to phone the police, because of everything he said, I do not believe that Jessie would pack everything she owned and leave her hairdryer & makeup behind. It just did NOT make any sense.

2) Jessie called him on Apr. 3rd, 2006 asking him to drop her prescription off at Wal-Greens. So he said he dropped it off, and Jessie picked it up when she came home. Then he says he left the house and came home later and Jessie & all her belongings, except for her hairdryer & makeup were gone. And he never heard from her since.

3) He said he came home on Apr. 3rd, 2006 and Jessie was gone with all her things, except for her hairdryer & makeup.

I told him that something was very wrong. That Jessie would NEVER worry us like this. I told him to phone the police and Jessie as a missing person and I would do the same here in Kamloops, with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). I called them and reported that Jessie was a missing person in Las Vegas and I needed to also report her to the Canadian officials. FILE #: 2006-9538.

Then Peter called me back and told me the police told him he was not able to report Jessie as a missing person. He said that he was told to have me call a number he gave me and report her myself. I called that number over & over and kept getting an officer’s voicemail message. I left several messages, but was not in the mood to wait for someone to call me back. So I Googled the Las Vegas Police Department, got a number and called it. I spoke to a woman who needed Jessie’s home address and in my flustered state, I did not have it, so I called Peter back. His response to my request was sort of weird when you think about it. He said, “1…0…why do you need it?” I told him I needed it to report Jessie missing, so he gave me, “1009 Cornerstone Drive”.

I hung up and called the woman back. She told me that address was actually in North Las Vegas and I would have to report her to their police department. She gave me their number and wished me the best. It is not an easy thing to report someone missing in another country. First off, I had to prove who I was, so I scanned my license & faxed it to them with a missing person report in writing. It took sometime, but eventually they filed a missing person report. FILE #: 06-9384. I was told that nothing much was going to be done with the file until we could confirm whether or not Jessie went to Mexico for the wedding, as she may have done so at the last minute. We had to wait until everyone who went came back so we could find this out. But they did go to the house on Cornerstone Drive to talk to Peter. He did let them into the house and they saw that Jessie was not there. They did not really investigate the house, or look everywhere. They were just sort of looking around from the hallway (from how I understand it).

Something that Peter later told me was that Jessie missed her dentist appointment that she had booked to have a wisdom tooth removed, and the dentist called to tell him this. I asked if he had the number to the dentist and he said he didn’t and he could not remember the dentist’s name. I asked if it did not show up on his call display and he did not really say anything to that. We have never found out the name of the dentist, the police said it is a privacy law in the USA preventing us from knowing this. We have always believed that Jessie did go to that appointment. We believe it was on March 24th, her stepmom’s birthday, the same day Jessie called with birthday wishes and got their answering machine. She told them on the message that she was going to the dentist that day to have her wisdom tooth removed. We do not believe she missed this appointment.

He also told me that the night before he says Jessie left, someone that Jessie knew, rammed her car (she was driving Peter’s Mercedes) and this woman (Brooke?) later called Peter’s cell phone and threatened Jessie. He told me that he saved this message. He also told me to try Jessie’s friend “Angel”, who turns out to be Yvonne.

Yvonne: I had called Yvonne (Angel) several times with no answer, so after I finished getting the missing reports completed, I call blocked my number, like I did with Peter and called her again. Strangely (or not), she answered. I asked if this was Yvonne and she said no, I had the wrong number. I told her that this was the number my daughter had given me to her friend in Las Vegas and now my daughter was missing. For some reason this “wrong number” lady wanted some info from me. She asked me what happened to my daughter and I told her that we had not heard from her for several weeks and we were very worried. It was not your typical wrong number where you just hang up. It made my friends and I wonder about it…we all believed it really was Yvonne.

A couple of months later, I thought I would try Yvonne’s phone number again and see if she really was who I believed she was…Angel. I call blocked my number and she answered. I was a little freaked out, so I just said the first thing that came to my mind, “Hey Angel, how’s it going?” and she said, “Good, who is this?” but I did not know what to say, so I just said, “Are you still coming over?” and then I hung up the phone, as if we were cut off. Now we knew for sure it was Yvonne, as she responded to me calling her Angel, her nickname.

Obviously this was all new to me – to any of us, so once Jessie was reported as missing to the Kamloops RCMP and the North Las Vegas PD, I went…“Now what?” I had no idea what to do next.

I sent an email to my closest family members to let them know what was going on:

DATE: Sunday, April 09, 2006 7:15 PM

SENT TO: Barb Grant; Jimbo Grant; Gord & Pat Grant; Donna & Mel; Adam Challenger; Vicki Challenger; Wil and Pam

SUBJECT LINE: Just to let you know

EMAIL: This is not the best thing I have ever had to email to someone, and I am not sure if it is all for nothing or not, but I have to tell you.

Jessie seems to be missing in Las Vegas. We have not heard from her for almost 2 weeks and her boyfriend has not seen her since he came home last Monday, April 3 to find her packed and gone.

We have got the Kamloops and the Las Vegas police involved as of today. They have been to her boyfriend's place and did not find anything suspicious, it seems as if she just packed and left.

There are a few things have us wondering: 1) she had a dentist appointment booked for the same day, Monday - she needed to have a wisdom tooth removed, it was causing her pain and starting to push her teeth out of wack, and with the braces and money spent on her teeth, she was worried about it... 2) her boyfriend did not seem to be worried until I phoned him again today, now he is calling me, and saying he is very worried about her...3) she was to be coming back to Canada for her step-sister Jodie's wedding reception in Calgary in a couple of weeks, but has not called us to confirm anything...4) her voice mail on her cell phone is full and that never happens, and she is not returning our emails.

One thing that is actually keeping us a bit sane, is that Jodie is getting married in Mexico and on Friday they all went down there, including Jessie's dad, Dwight. We have no way to check, buy she may have just decided to go there, and did not call before going. That is what we are hoping for, anyways.

Anyways, that is all for now, I will keep in touch with anything new we hear. We are trying not to worry too much, so hopefully I have not got you all worried too much either. Love Glendene.

Then I sent an email out to my entire email address book, asking people to forward it to their address book so we could start spreading the word about Jessie’s disappearance. Luckily there was a young man I used to work with, Norris L, who actually knows Jessie from their teen years. He even visited her one time in Calgary when he went there to visit his friend who had also moved there. Norris sent my email to his mom Denise L and she sent it to her friends.

I got am email from MBW, who was a friend of Denise’s, with a list of website links for missing people. MBW’s daughter was once a missing person, who was eventually found, but not with the ending we all would want. He now helps people as much as he can, when they find themselves in a terrible situation such as we did. I started sending out emails & letters to every site on his list, and more. I emailed every talk, news & radio show I could think of and still do.

I just kept busy waiting for Dwight & his family to get back from Mexico, because we needed to find out where Jessie was. Dwight & Tracy, Jodie & Michael and Alisha (Jodie’s younger sister) & Reg, and everyone all came back from the wonderful wedding-vacation in Mexico to calls on their voicemail asking if Jessie was with them. Unfortunately she was not and the messages shocked & scared them all. Dwight called me and then he started to look for a Private Investigator, something that I was not able to do before, as I could not have ever afforded one myself. Then I called the police and told them that Jessie was not in Mexico with her dad, so they said they would look into it more now.

SO, NOW WE HAVE A BIT OF JESSIE’S PAST AND THE STORY OF JESSIE’S DISAPPEARANCE & MISSING PERSON’S REPORTS. MORE TO COME…Please feel free to resend this or post it for others to read. Thank you.


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-Please check back as I will be covering Jessie's story until a conclusion is reached. Part Two should be available in the near future. Please keep Jessie and her Family in your prayers.


Jessie's Mom, Glendene said...

Zoltan...thank you for your wonderful support in our search for Jessie. (I have one correction in my letter I wrote...Jessie's youngest sister, Jennee was born in 1990, not 2000 - she is 17 years old, not 7)
Sincerely, your friend...Glendene Grant

Zoltan said...

Glendene - I corrected the typo. No problem. It is always my pleasure to assist you where ever I can.

From Carpe Noctem, Grande and myself and all who read here - we are all praying you get the answers you are so desperately searching for as soon as possible. We are always thinking of you.

Anything we can do - just ask.