Friday, October 5, 2007


It was a very very good week for Beth. Education continues to be the focus and some can't handle it. That fact remains that some are simply not able to be educated. We have no sympathy for those internet slugs.

As we all try so hard to enlighten those around us to the dangers of Aruba and to missing persons in general, there will always be those that think the missing person (CRIME VICTIM) did it to themselves... at least until it happens to someone they know.

As they spread the HATE, we continue to educate.

Greta wasn't the only one to get a first-hand look at these people. The whole of America got a very nice looksie once they all crept out of their lairs and into the open ether. It's hard to imagine a more self-destructive bunch, but trust me they are there and they did more damage to what little was left of Aruba's self-battered reputation. Salute!

We bait and they hit it like the bottom feeders of the internet that they truly are. They're not very bright and it works like a charm every-time. Reality is always the bait.

Those that want to make Beth the 'cause' need to look at the REAL CAUSE AND EFFECT. That still rests squarely on the lopsided shoulders of the Dutch Legal System.

We are here to support Beth as she traverses the unimaginable. The search for Natalee. And in a quest never seen before, she's not backing down. Neither are WE!

The search for the truth in Natalee's case is why we are all still here some 2 years and 5 months later.

As I have said before ~ Haters Hate. It's really that simple. No need to look for this genetic variable in the alphabet soup of the human genome. It's there and it's a waste of time to try and find the underlying psychosis.

Too much time cookin' meth, not enough attention as a child, the family dog always bites 'em? Again, who really knows. One thing is for real - they have serious comprehension problems and all the money in the world can not solve this HATE. Their brains are just not wired correctly. The electric currents and circuitry are on par with Chernobyl.

And boy oh boy, did they have a melt down this week.

Haters - keep spreading your brand of the truth. You make the boycott a reality for more and more folks and for that we thank you.

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