Monday, October 15, 2007


I have taken some time off from researching Natalee's case. I was waiting for Beth's book and just re-freshing my batteries. Thank you to Carpe Noctem for all of the videos and keepin' it ROLLIN'.

Today I sort of fell into something. It always seems to happen when you are not looking.

I listen to a radio show in the morning called The Warroom with Jim Quinn and Rose Tennant. It's a political show that touches on all aspects of foreign and domestic policy. I like the show and have been listening to it for about 17 or so years. I've learned a lot about government and policy. It's a free education and they have great bumper music.

This morning I was listening like always and having my coffee when Jim Quinn mentioned a name I know. Congressman Tom Lantos D- 12th District.

Wikipedia on Congressman Tom Lantos D-12th District San Fransisco California.

My previous posts on Congressman Tom Lantos.

So what did I hear? I heard that Congressman Lantos and his Foreign Relations Committee have called for legislation, specifically aimed at Turkey, to be called on the carpet for the 1915 civil war and to label it a genocide. Who fought this civil war? Armenia and Turkey.

Who wrote the legislation? Adam Schiff. Me neither, never heard of him before. He's some lackey that won't take a hit in the next election. Who really wrote the legislation? Nancy Pelosi and Tom Lantos. They just use an unknown Congressman to get their agenda across. Politics 101.

As we all know Lantos and Pelosi are both from San Fran. Both have neither the balls to de-fund the war or to do the right thing and ACTUALLY SUPPORT THE TROOPS. They're cowards. If you are not aware, this legislation has caused all kinds of problems. It has been talked about on every radio show nationwide for the last few days.

What will happen should this piece of drivel actually go through? It will ratchet up the tension with an ally. We (The United States) are sworn to defend Turkey through treaties. The Turkish do not wish to be labeled as a proponent of genocide.

The State Department has dispatched two Senior Members / Diplomats to Turkey to ease the tension.

This is the supply route for our brave men and women. Without this supply route our troops are put in harms way. And this is the way Democratic Leaders lose the war.

So why am I all fired up?!?!?!

I called both offices of Congressman Lantos this afternoon.

San Fran Office - 415.566.5257
Washington D.C. Office - 202.225.3531

I want to know the Congressman's position on the Natalee Holloway case.

As you can see from the Wikipedia piece on Congressman Lantos, he is a member of the Congressional Human Rights Causus. He is also a survivor of the Holocaust. Congressman Lantos has taken many positions through-out his days in the Congress. He is for medical marijuana and gay marriage. He is also a Jew like your's truly. Although I do not share many of the Congressman's passions, I do respect that he is someone that has over-come all that life dishes. A Human Rights Committee seems to be right in line with our 2 + year fight...right?

As you can see from my previous posts on Congressman Lantos, he gets all fired up about Dog Fighting and Steroids. Admirable, but what about people? Does the Congressman share the same passion for people and specifically a person presumed murdered and disappeared in a foreign country? After all Congressman Lantos visited the Hague on 2.26.2007. Did he do the right thing and try to get a resolution? or is he sitting on the sidelines kissing Dutch ass?

I want to know. That's why I called.

I spoke to two very pleasant people. Evelyn in the San Fran office and Adam in the D.C. office.

Neither knew the Congressman's position on the Natalee Holloway case. Both were well aware of the Congressman's views on many issues and took a geunine interest in my questions. For that I thank them.

Evelyn basically said that because there was no known position - does not mean there is not a position. I am hoping to hear more from the San Fran office in the future. I was requested to write another letter. As if all the letters we have all written are not enough. I know I know. I'll just do it.

In the D.C. office - Adam was new. He was not in the employ of the Congressman during the Congressman's trip to the Hague in February. He took my phone number and said he would personally speak to the Congressman about Natalee's case and see what he can find out. Either Adam or the Congressman will call me back. I am not sure if I will hear from either of them. You know how these things go.

Should I not hear back by the end of the week, I will call again.

Let's see where this goes. It never hurts to get someone on the record supporting our cause ~ JUSTICE FOR VICTIMS.
I'll keep ya updated.

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