Friday, February 8, 2008




This video needs to be seen because it outlines so clearly how misguided some truly are and the propaganda that continues to this day.

Aruba you need to wake UP!


Anonymous said...

This is the worst excuse I have ever seen for Aruba's failure to conduct a proper investigation and prosecution. I believe there is medication for people suffering from these delusional conditions.

The whole world has seen what this is about and it's not about some grand conspiracy but rather the Aruban total disregard for American tourists. All they want is our money. Have these people totally ignored Joran van der Sloot on tape telling exactly what he did? Guess that doesn't fit in with their lame excuses.

The U.S. doesn't need Aruba or The Netherlands for our national concerns. We have spy satellites that can read the license plates on vehicles, thanks anyway.

Come to think of it, the U.S. doesn't need Aruba for anything. Let Chavez have it and he can starve them the way he does his own people. Don't come begging for help when he does, either, because we won't be here for them just as they refuse to be there for Natalee.

In this day and age of internet information, there is no excuse for this kind of ignorance, either. Have they all fried their brains on Chavez's cocaine that he publicly uses these days?

Cocaine will cause these kinds of delusions. Stay away from that island as it seems to be inhabited by some very evil and demented people. And if one of them decides to kill you just for the fun of it, the others will defend him and make up wild stories like this to cover up the crimes they commit. Garden variety punks with delusions of grandeur is all they are about.

Anonymous said...

To begin with,1 it is only the US media that has bin portraing aruba as if nothing is being done from day one when realy the whole island took to the streets looking for natalee 2. in aruba everybody knows Joran is liayng becous every detail of the story is falls ,and if he is telling the truth witch wuld be a first ,then who is moor incompitent the aruban investigators or the american taskforce and all there sofisticatet iquipment ,since he suposedly dumpt her in an airea they combed moor than a dozon times .3 The US wuld have to have permision to move a large military force thru dutch territory and even with sattellite images the military still uses unmand reconasens airplans and other devices for moor detaild assesment of the territory as in the gulf war and the invazion of Irak .4 Venizuela is not a starving contry food is cheap and in abondance and the real reason chaves is critecized is becous he dosnt play along with the global elites song(gas is cheaper than water in venzuela) .Do your home work and you find that many dictators were seported by the US Oh and dont forget the CIA has bin involved in drug trafiking since the viadnam war and since the US took out the Taliban heroin production has gone up. And like you said,in todays world of internet information there is no excuse for ignorance.People in the inner circle of freands and family have stated that Natalee ran away frome home becous of sexual abuis at home and that Beth was in contact with her for days after she was reported missing and had orderd a med jet to come to aruba and wisk her away without anyone knowing about it .People suld know the full story befour making judgment about our island and it,s people

Anonymous said...

Hey people of america this is bamboo right here, the real project smoke.
I would like to say that you guy's have been brainwashed so much in your own country that it's impossible to beleive something else. Your own gov, as been killing so much of your own people, and you still call yourself free?. For the record Natalee and the whole of the US come to aruba, we don't go to a sick excuse of a country as USA, your LAW sucks, Your Gov sucks, And you people are slaves, slaves, you can read it again, you are slaves. Put that good in your heads. Once again it's very hard to see the truth if you are brainwashed. We see it here because we don't live in such a sick country, were the Gov. kills it's own people. You've gone to war with everyone till now.
Anyway the video I posted is just part of what we think is happening.
By the way I don;t watch TV, I don't beleive TV, I'm not brainwashed by the TV, You understand. You are a bunch of miserable people brainwashed by TV, putting the blame on everyone else but your own country. I can't wait till your gov. comes with the chip so they can put in your assholes.

sincerly Bamboo

ps. English is my third language

Anonymous said...

Do you have any new news for me???

You people have done your best to destroy my Island.

Listen do you think honestly, do you think that an arubian boy or man like me or any other arubian boy could do what that dutch guy Joran did, oh please. Joran is not even arubian.
I'm arubian, we don't live like that.

And you rububi still hiding behind the internet, isn't even man enough to show his face. You see what I have to put up with.
You people, I mean you americans really now how the ruin a party.

Things suck in your country so you have to go and spoil some one else's country. Mother Fucker I am an Arubian the real deal. Joran is a dutch spoiled brat, and his father is a free mason so you cannot touch him.

I'm not mad at you man just pissed, I'm not defending Joran that spoiled MF, I'm defending my Island because I'm arubian. Try to understand me.